Friday, February 19, 2016

simple ways to succeed.

I haven't had any assigned readings in ages, which I've missed because it usually forces me to read something I normally wouldn't. The group I joined at church, The Boss Lady Group, which I've mentioned, has monthly professional development readings. First up, Shark Tales by Barbara Corcoran which is the story of how she turned $1,000 into a billion dollar real estate business.

Although my business is far from selling real estate, I still got a lot out of her story and how to set myself apart from others in my field. I loved how she took a memory/lesson from her childhood and showed how it helped her with a problem while beginning her business. Her family, especially her mother, played a huge role in her success, and I also loved how she paid tribute to her small town and the people in it. Okay, there was a lot I loved. Barbara started with next to nothing, a loan from a skeezey boyfriend, and it took off into a wildly successful career solely because she made it so. She is smart (even if she doesn't think so), learned from her mistakes (she almost lost it all if you can believe it), and is an inspiration to all women entrepreneurs.

I just loved this quote so much! Reminds me of my amazing mom.

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