Wednesday, February 24, 2016

for the movers and the shakers

Trying new diets or as they call them now "lifestyle plans" is one of my favorite things. Which I'm sure isn't the point because I change it up so often, but how else am I going to find my favorite one without dabbling in all of them? Exactly.

Up to bat is The Stark Naked 21-Day Metabolic Reset by Brad Davidson. So take a moment, forget what you have ever read or been taught about diet and exercise, and listen up. Davidson starts off strong in his intro with his "life is meant to be lived" speech. Davidson's approach is energy based for people who are living busy lives. If you want to do well at work, you need energy, etc. He only has major restrictions (like no wine and sugar) for the first phase (also wants you to limit exercise, I think I can manage that), making phase two feel like a vacation. What sets Davidson apart from the other health gurus out there is that he wants you to focus on how you FEEL, not how you look or what the scales says. He wants to end your exhaustion and stop you from depriving yourself. He wants you to have good sex and good sleep. And I think we all can get behind that.

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