Monday, February 1, 2016

a little too real.

First things first. I would definitely recommend you adding What Was Mine by Helen Klein Ross to your 2016 Must-Read List. If you don't make lists like this, I also recommend that you start.

The only thing missing from Lucy Wakefield's idyllic life is a child. When it becomes obvious that having her own was not going to happen, Lucy got desperate. When her husband (who wouldn't even consider adoption) leaves her for a younger woman, Lucy gets really desperate. Desperate enough to take a baby (Marilyn's baby) from a shopping cart and raise her as her own. Over two decades later, when 21-year-old Mia discovers the truth about Lucy's crime, everything goes to hell as you can imagine.

What Was Mine is written in short chapters, each from the point-of-view of the three main characters in the book, Lucy, Mia and Marilyn. It's perfectly paced, emotional, and suspenseful, especially if you're a mother.

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