Friday, January 1, 2016

for your little olympian.

Okay, not that I'm a parent or have a lot to say on the matter, but I do have friends who are parents and I know that my mom-friends are way more focused on what they are eating than what their kids are eating. Not that I blame them. Children reek havoc on the bod. But children do have their own nutritional needs, especially active children. Ages 8-18, bodies are changing, and I never knew important adolescent nutrition is until I read Eat Like a Champion: Performance Nutrition for Your Young Athlete by Jill Castle.

Castle is a registered dietitian and touches on pre-game and post-game refueling with the types of foods that will keep your children energized and help them gain muscle. Her advice is practical, giving you advice on what to feed your sporty spice and when. Castle is very specific on the do's and don'ts of adolescent nutrition, including carbo-loading and supplements. And being a specialist, you can trust her.

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