Monday, January 18, 2016

bio of the queen.

I have a healthy obsession with the royal family like any pureblood American girl. I cried when Princess Diana died, I watched the Royal Wedding live, I wonder how Queen Elizabeth has lived so long. It's all very normal.

Having never read up on Queen Elizabeth's childhood, I was extremely excited to read and review Young Elizabeth: The Making of the Queen by Kate Williams. It was like she wrote it just for me, which every reader will appreciate. Princess Elizabeth of York was born in April, 1926...and so on and so forth. Williams touches on her family, her ascendance to the throne at age 25 (which has always impressed me as she's been crushing it ever since), and surprisingly some royal gossip which you will eat right up. The bio is a bit hefty, but when you've been alive 90 years, that happens.

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