Monday, December 7, 2015

therapy for everybody.

As I'm sure you know, adult coloring books are the new black. And I'm not mad about it. I've reviewed a few that I've enjoyed, but I definitely have a new favorite in the form of Thaneeya McArdle's Follow Your Bliss Coloring Book. Let me explain, so I've been getting my grandma into the whole adult coloring scene, and since she's had a stroke, her vision is off and she can't really focus on the novels she used to love, which makes me sad. She literally sits at home and watches daytime court shows, which is extra sad. When I gave her a coloring book that had a lot of different designs, but no real picture, she liked it, but what she really wanted was to color something less abstract. McArdle's coloring book was so perfect because there's a lot of detail, BUT you can see your subject clearly (like a tea cup or a cat). And grandma likes that.

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