Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Summer school is over, time to get crafty! One of my favorite craft books of 2015 came out earlier this month, How to Sew Little Felt Animals by Sue Quinn. These animals honestly look like they came out of a craft store, they are really cute and detailed, and I love their little outfits. All of the patterns for the different animals are completely separate, which makes them all look unique, and the step-by-step instructions, written and visual, will appeal to any and all beginners.

The woodland animals included in this book are:

 Male Rabbit in a Schoolboy’s uniform of trousers, blazer, sweater, collar and tie
Female Rabbit in a Schoolgirl’s uniform and cardigan
Male Squirrel in gardening dungarees and scarf
Female Squirrel in a summer sailor dress
Bear with nightcap, blanket and mini teddy bear
Male Mole in working clothes of a cap, neckerchief, waistcoat and trousers
Female Mole in winter clothes of a coat, skirt and headscarf
Male Mouse with outdoor clothes if trousers, a hooded coat and scarf
Female Mouse with outdoor clothes of a skirt, jacket, satchel and bow

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