Thursday, August 13, 2015

everything that's NOT famous.

As I've mentioned a hundred times, I LOVE NYC! Despite summer school madness, I was able to visit the city last month for the weekend. Caught the Jimmy Fallon Show, and a Yankee game, had a bottomless champagne brunch, got a blow out, ate way too much. All of my favorite things. I love the busyness of the big city. The people, the bustle, but what I never really stop to experience is the little things. The places that are less populated. At the start of the year Will Ellis came out with Abandoned NYC and shows exactly what I've been missing, the underbelly of my favorite city.

In this photography book, Ellis sheds light on anything and everything that is not famous in the 5 Burroughs, along with a short history. It's very cool. Coffee table book cool.

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