Tuesday, August 18, 2015

beach bag read.

Post The Goldfinch, I desperately needed something light and airy to read, and A Week at the Lake by Wendy Wax was the perfect choice, especially since I got to read some of it at my cottage on an actual lake. I really enjoy Wendy Wax novels, but some are better than others, and this one wasn't my favorite. Not a bad read, just not my favorite. It began well enough, three longtime (middle-aged) friends were getting together for a week at the lake. What used to be an annual trip that they all enjoyed, hadn't happened in five years, and only one of them knew why. I think if Wax took us right to the lake instead of such a dramatic opening, I would have liked the novel better because once these three friends finally did get to the lake, I loved the novel. I loved that the characters were all involved in "the business" of acting/fashion and met in New York. It was just a little predictable, and I would have preferred more appropriate romances happening, because there was definitely room for it. If there was a less dramatic sequel, I would give it a read.

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