Thursday, March 12, 2015

kinfolk volume 15.

I feel so hip and cool whenever a Kinfolk book comes in the mail for me. I come from a long line of entrepreneurs. Women like me who can't keep a job to save their lives because they cannot work under anyone. Some say we have authority issues, some say we are difficult to work with or be around in general, I say we are entrepreneurs. That being said, Kinfolk Volume 15: The Entrepreneurs Issue was a big win in my book, and you don't need to be an entrepreneur to enjoy it, any working person will benefit from the stories and tips. Volume 15 is not your typical Kinfolk, but I appreciated the focus on improving our professional selves. And in true Kinfolk fashion, the photographs displayed on every page were gorgeous. As a girl who has always appreciated the art of relaxation, my favorite story was In Praise of Slowness by Carl HonorĂ© who touches on how a slower pace can change your life. I wish every place ran on island time.

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