Monday, March 16, 2015

if only every journal was a super journal.

I love when authors come out with children/middle grade books in journal format. It's less pressure on struggling readers, plus since many English classes have kids writing in journals daily, books in a journal format are that much more relatable.

When G-Man has to begin keeping a journal in Mrs. Rosario's English class at school, instead of slacking on the assignment, which he considers, he decides to take full advantage and fills the pages with his hopes and dreams of becoming a superhero with full on super powers. He begins with a little into about himself, the origin of his last name, which is simply G. Then he moves on to some of hte daily journal prompts his teacher gives to him, like writing about who he admires, etc. Chris Giarrusso did an amazing job with The G-Man Super Journal. It's very funny, and one that ages 8-12 will enjoy, which believe me, is a hard age to get boys into reading!

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