Tuesday, March 3, 2015

dessert made with wholesome ingredients.

I had the absolute best time in Oahu! I never realized that Hawaiian's were such foodies. I ate my weight in Kuala pork, red velvet pancakes, and garlic fries, and I don't regret a thing. Which leads me to my next review. Getting back on track eating wise has been super hard! Chocolate Covered Katie: Over 80 Delicious Recipes That Are Secretly Good For You by (blogger) Katie Higgins has helped a lot, thanks girl. First of all, the title is amaze, and secondly, the recipes are even more so. Like, get in my mouth immediately good. Every diet in the world is telling you eat less of the sweet stuff, except if you're French or Katie, who is super slim, and over here like EAT CHOCOLATE. I love her. Her book also gives you everything you need to work with. Appliances, flours, healthy sweeteners, etc. so that you can get right to the good stuff, like eating chocolate. Katie also includes nutritional information with all of her recipes, because math is hard. The flourless chocolate cookies are my spirit animal, but they are the only thing I have tried so far. I am looking forward to trying out everything. And since my husband is a health nut, buying natural and weird things like coconut flour for a million dollars doesn't really phase me anymore. Organic and all natural is worth every penny when you can eat Deep Dish Chocolate Chip Pie and not give a what. Seriously.

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