Friday, February 6, 2015

put down mommy's smart phone.

I just read a cleverly funny modern day picture book (and parody) titled If You Give a Mouse an iPhone by the author of Goodnight iPad, Ann Droyd, which makes me wish I became an elementary teacher, almost. This book is PERFECT for the classroom, hello text to self connections! There are also lessons to be learned about technology, like when NOT to use it, which this generation needs to hear. Kids today are obsesssssed with technology, even the little ones get iPad's and Tablets for Christmas. What? Baby Jesus was born in a stable people, let that sink in. Anyways, no judgments here if your kid is carrying around a smart phone at the age of nine, I'm sure they bug you less. But the point of Droyd's book is: if you don't get your head out of your Candy Crush you're going to miss out on things, which is a super important message.

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