Thursday, February 5, 2015

DIY detox.

I'm alllll about a solid detox/cleanse, but honestly, who has the money? Not me. Except for that one time I did the 3-day Jus by Julie cleanse before my wedding and lost like 6 pounds. It was fricken amazing, but also cost me 100 bucks WITH a Groupon. Bah, I can't be doing that all the time. Enter Detox for Dummies by Caroline Shreeve. And I love a good Dummies book even more than a good detox, let me tell ya. I even have a whole category designated for them on this blog. For Dummies kicks ass by nature, and Detox is no exception.

First off, why should we detox? Well because you are probably a little regular fat or even skinny fat (they do exist, I've seen them). You eat like crap. You're stressed. You drink too much. Your body is filled with toxins. And the list goes on. Detox's are for everyone, because everyone can benefit, and you don't have to starve, or drink juice for three days, or drink lemon cayenne pepper water for a week. There are foods (and recipes) that help you detox, ones that don't, and why - which are listed throughout the chapters of this book. Moving away from the food aspect...relaxation. There is an entire chapter (9) in this book dedicated to the art of relaxation, which I mastered years ago, but people like my hubby need to sign up for Relaxation 101, immediately. Seriously. Chill. In a world filled with DIY everything, creating your own HEALTHY detox will save you money and improve your life, and Shreeve can get you started.

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