Thursday, January 15, 2015

how to not appear dumb 101.

Did you know that teachers stop teaching grammar to students when they reach high school? I mean, it could be middle school, but when I taught ninth grade no one wanted me to touch on grammar. It was pretty much, if they don't know it by now, they are a lost cause. I mean, WHAT? The Regents exam for English doesn't even grade for grammar. If your essay portion reeks of misspelled words and run on sentences and your instead of you're, no one cares! I still can't handle it, so I am taking a stand and review my new favorite grammar resource, Grammar Smart, 3rd Edition by the very prestigious Princeton Review.

In an interview, if you don't speak properly you will not get the job. In college, if you don't write properly you will not get a 4.0. That's where Grammar Smart comes into play. In this book you will master the art of writing and speaking. If you're feeling lazy, at least take a look at the punctuation section, even I got something out of that. There are lessons,and quizzes for you to practice. If you or your child has a noticeable grammar deficiency, because saying you sound dumb would be rude, this is absolutely the resource for you.

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