Wednesday, September 3, 2014

it's still wedding season!

Celebrated authors Margaret Brownley, Robin Lee Hatcher, Mary Connealy and Debra Clopton have pulled together their brilliant storytelling powers and created quite the collection of novellas titled Four Weddings and a Kiss: A Western Bride Collection.

Four authors, four love stories, four strong female heroines, in the West. The tomboy, Maizy MacGregor (raised by her dad, wears britches and all). The writer, Molly Everton (educated and underestimated by her father at his newspaper where she works). The one who's misunderstood, Katie Pearl (lost her family in a tornado and everyone thinks she's crazy because she has trust issues). And, the wrongly accused, Grace Davenport (accused of killing her third husband, doesn't have the best track record with spouses staying alive). Let me tell you, these women are feisty, and you will LOVE them and the way that the Lord works in their lives.

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