Friday, September 5, 2014

a post-apocalyptic setting.

Edan Lepucki predicts the (near) future in her debut novel, California where the metropolis of Los Angeles is slowing wasting away to nothing, leaving its residents without food, water, or a home to call their own. The country is facing a meltdown of disastrous proportions. Married couple Cal and Frido escape to a secluded cabin in the woods and attempt to live off the land despite their lack of survival skills being from a large city. Once Frida realizes she is pregnant, the two realize they cannot do this alone and make their way to a more populated area. Keep in mind that California is less a post-apocalyptic dystopian novel than it is a book about love and marriage, which is what makes it a good read filled with characters you can empathize with. No one wants to think too closely about a future that may or may not be that far away.

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