Thursday, August 14, 2014

change your relationship with stress.

Harvard Business Review is known for offering a couple handfuls of guides to help you get it right at work. Today I am going to review the HBR Guide to Managing Stress at Work because let's be honest, we are all a little too hard on ourselves when it comes to our roles in the office. During my first year of teaching my blood pressure was as high as it's ever been. Shit happens and it's our (other) job to figure out how to reduce the stress we feel on the job. This guide even begins with 9 ways successful people defeat stress...right to the point, I like that in a resource.

Chapters include, understanding how you're wired so that you can perform at your best, how to renew your energy so you stop slugging along, how to balance you're work and personal life because you cannot have it all and not lose your mind, and lastly this resource gives you the proper tools so that you can figure out what works for you, specifically when you feel overwhelmed and need a break. Now, go ahead, grab a copy and make stress your bitch.

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