Friday, August 8, 2014

beautiful living spaces.

The absolute best coffee table books are those that show more and say less. I'm not exactly sure if San Antonians David Lake, Ted Flato and gang meant for their gorgeous architectural book, Lake/Flato Houses: Embracing the Landscape to land on someone's coffee table, but it's just too perfect to NOT be displayed for everyone who enters your house to see. These fellas make Texas look absolutely stunning, which I hear isn't the easiest task. For the last 30 years Lake & Flato have been crafting these perfect houses (they are modest about it, referring to them as simple designs) in Texas's countryside. They are also aware that times are a changing and technology is forever advancing so they include the new technology and science of building into their houses all while keeping their "simple designs" - I mean, if it's not broke...

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