Tuesday, July 29, 2014

i want to be justine montgomery when i grow up.

While scowering the ridiculously over priced airport convenient stores for my obligatory airport mass paperback (it's my favorite tradition), I was SOOOO excited to discover that the third installment of the Inn BoonsBoro Trilogy was available in tiny copy! I loved the first two books but lost touch with the series, I blame Stephanie Plum and Cathy Dollanganger for taking over my life. But anyways, The Perfect Hope was THE PERFECT book to read on my honeymoon. Super romantic and adorable, and an excellent finish to the trilogy. The first two books covered the budding relationships of Claire and Beckett and Avery and Owen, which leaves the third Montgomery brother Ryder, and the last of the bestie threesome, Hope to fall for each other even though they are total opposites. Ryder is super rough around the edges, musky, sexy, moody, doesn't like to talk about his feelings. Hope is the classiest broad ever, organized, sweet, former beauty queen. Hope is the manager of the inn, and Lizzy, our inn ghost plays matchmaker again, pushing these two together just as she did to the other couples.

The Perfect Hope is a wonderful continuation of The Last Boyfriend, the small town of BoonsBoro is expanding with Avery's new restaurant and tap house, also a bakery and gym are being built in town, keeping the Montgomery boys very busy, but not busy enough for Ryder and Hope to stop the urge strike up a casual sex relationship that turns into something so much more. Hope also finds more information on Lizzy's past, and what's keeping her in the inn, who is she waiting for?

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