Monday, July 28, 2014

get ready to be moved.

Lilly and Dennis Klepp sold everything they owned and moved to Sudan, Africa to give themselves to the poor. Mama Lilly wrote a journal along the way and titled it, Adventures Under the Mango Tree, A Story of Hope in War-Torn Sudan and what an adventure it was reading this inspiring story about two people who gave up their own comfort to serve others, and are still doing so today. Since 2001, the Klepp’s have opened two orphanages, a school, and a hospital, serving more than 500 children and thousands of families through their ministry of the Gospel, along with health care and education. Keep in mind, this is a war-torn country and the civil war didn't end until 2005 so bombs, land mines, even death were all a packaged deal with their big move. The Klepp's asked God what they should do to help and He sent them to Africa. Are you brave enough to ask God how you can help the world?

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