Tuesday, June 3, 2014

light, shallow, and mildly inappropriate.

After reading The Book Thief, I needed a recovery novel. Something light, shallow, and mildly inappropriate. I absolutely found what I was looking for in Great-Aunt Sophia's Lessons for Bombshells by Lisa Cach, which is a story about a twenty-six year old woman named Grace who is currently working on her dissertation for her PhD in Women's Studies. Grace has been invited to visit/look after her great-aunt Sophia for the summer while she undergoes a hip replacement. She doesn't know much about this aunt, and hasn't seen her since she was ten, and it wasn't a great first impression. However, she is looking for a quiet place to work on her thesis, and thinks great-aunt Sophia's home in Pebble Beach California will be just right. Silly girl. The former B-list actress, Sophia has much more up her sleeve, and it has nothing to do with a hip replacement. Sophia introduces Grace to two very different men, and changes Grace's very jaded view of beautiful people by turning Grace into the beautiful, confident woman she was always supposed to be. This easy breezy chic lit is exactly the kind of book you read in the sun while sipping a cocktail. I wouldn't recommend bringing it to school and reading it during a study hall you advise. My mistake.

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