Wednesday, June 4, 2014

lessons from yo mama.

Growing up, how my mother didn't sell me to the highest bidder is beyond me. I was totally the child who said "I HATE YOU" when things stopped going my way, and tried to run away multiple times, and as a teenager, I lied through my teeth about EVERYTHING. How I didn't end up in a ditch is beyond me as well.

I was actually able to get inside my mom's head and see her perspective when I read through Deliberate Motherhood: 12 Key Powers of Peace, Purpose, Order & Joy by The Power of Moms, because honestly, you have to be someone special to love me sometimes, and that's what this book is (sort of) about. Finding joy in motherhood, especially when your children do really dumb things, loving them when they are unlovable, and all that. This is a mindset that you will need to survive motherhood.

The authors have included 12 "Powers" (Power of Fun, Power of Optimism, Power of Priorities, you get the picture) to help you in your motherhood journey. Throughout these pages you will find encouragement from other women who have BEEN there when it comes to motherhood drama. You will laugh at their stories, relate to their ups and downs, and be reminded that you are not alone.

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