Friday, May 23, 2014

a gift for your graduate.

Yeah, college may prepare you for the job world, but it definitely doesn't prepare you for the REAL world. Becky Blades was fully aware of this when she sent her oldest daughter off to Harvard with a kiss and an email filled with motherly advice. That email eventually turned into her book, Do Your Laundry or You’ll Die Alone: Advice Your Mom Would Give if She Thought Your Were Listening, which is the perfect resource to pack inside your graduates suitcase. They'll thank you later.

This is a book PACKED with friendly, motherly reminders to wash your laundry weekly, spit your gum out when you speak to people, be a kind person just in general, which may include taking your friends keys while she's drunk, even if she bitches. Becky sounds exactly like my mom, like ALL moms, and reading will give your graduate a little piece of his or her mommy. And that's just nice. Me? I still call my mom before I Google anything, so I agree with everything that Becky has to say.

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