Wednesday, May 21, 2014

10 pounds in 4 weeks.

I'm a HUGE Lisa Lillien fan! I have all of her Hungry Girl cookbooks as I am the epitome of a hungry girl, and her recipes are super easy and tasty, and usually include cheese. Recently Lillien has come out with The Hungry Girl Diet book where she worked with a registered dietitian to create a painless weight loss plan. This is the perfect resource to jumpstart any hungry girl's diet, and can help you achieve a 10 pound loss in only 4 short weeks. The program is step-by-step, super easy to follow, and not even remotely overwhelming (especially if you are familiar with her cookbooks or get her awesome emails regularly). Also included are good tips and tricks to help you stay on track (& organized) and recipes that you have never seen before in her previous books. I call that a win.

A review I did of one of Lillien's cookbooks back in the day, here.

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