Friday, April 25, 2014

how the other side of the mic lives.

Gerry House is a top rated radio host, a writer of songs, bits, television scripts, and now books with his collection of antics titled Country Music Broke My Brain where he shares exclusive stories from behind the mic that will leave you in tears, from laughing so hard. I love myself a good radio personality as I wanted to be one when I grew up for the longest time (I still do), and House writes how he talks which is super hilarious. He shares never aired conversations with some of country music's biggest stars (including Brad Paisley who I love) and many of his own personal stories, which are funnier than I thought possible.

I assumed this would be very much the book of inside jokes that I wouldn't get, but even if you aren't a Nashville native or a country music fan, you will be able to appreciate House's comedy writing. 

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