Thursday, April 24, 2014

for the brain geeks.

As a follow up to her The Human Body Book, Rita Carter has come out with The Human Brain Book. If you read the first one, you know that Carter has a knack for covering more material than her peers subsequently answering more reader's questions as well. 

The Human Brain Book is broken up into several chapters beginning with general information about the brain and body. Carter then goes into the anatomy of the brain, moving on to a discussion on the senses and how the brain interacts with the environment. Carter covers the more abstract topics such as memory, thinking, and consciousness, which is my favorite section. And the last few chapters go into detail on the possible development and diseases of the brain. In a nutshell. 

Carter does an excellent job introducing readers to neuroscience. Derek Shepard would be proud. Genius's should keep in mind that this is very much an introduction. As for the rest of you, this book is a wonderful overview, easy to understand, with great illustrations, and will be added to my classroom library to spice things up a bit. 

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