Friday, March 21, 2014

down in the bayou.

Inspired by her own life and family history, Natalie Baszile has created a captivating mother-daughter story about new beginnings in her novel, Queen Sugar.

When her father dies, Charley Bordelon is surprised to inherit an 800 acre sugarcane plantation. Charley decides to take advantage of this opportunity for a fresh start and moves her and her daughter from Los Angeles to Louisiana where her father was born and raised, with family still living there. The loophole in her inheritance is that she must make the plantation  succeed or it is to be sold and the money from the sale is to go to charity, leaving Charley with nothing.

Learning the sugarcane business isn't easy, as Charley didn't exactly grow up around sugarcane in LA and because none of her southern family wants to help her. Charley struggles against the odds of farm life and the desire to give up, but eventually she finds help, hope, and romance.

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