Friday, February 7, 2014

well this is sure to terrify some of my girlfriends.

Tanya Selvaratnam’s The Big Lie is about the realities of trying to get and stay pregnant when you wait beyond your most fertile years. This is a concern for a lot of women today who are getting married later and later in life, thus starting their families even later. Although Tanya has done an excellent job with her medical research on the subject of a woman’s biological clock, it is her personal story of her own fertility issues after 37 that make this book a real resource to women who are struggling to conceive. And to remind younger women that they need to begin planning their futures earlier than they might think.

My only issue with The Big Lie is the examples of women who were unaware that they would have fertility issues after 30, when I consider that common knowledge. I have girlfriends who are 33, being told by their OBG-YN’s that they need to get pregnant soon or they’re going to be out of luck. Who are these doctors who are telling their 37-year-old patients that they “have time”? They should lose their licenses.

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