Tuesday, February 25, 2014

keep the tissues handy.

I reviewed My Hope is Found, the third and final installment of the Cadence of Grace series a few months ago. Sorry to go about things a tad backwards, but I’m here to report about the second novel, Though My Heart is Torn today. As to not leave anything out, the opening novel, Be Still My Soul, was when I was first captivated by these characters author Joanne Bischoff so graciously brought into my life. I’ve loved each one.

Though My Heart is Torn is good to its name as it will tear at your heart as you read the hardships your beloved characters must endure. Main characters Lonnie and Gideon have been through their share of trials, but nothing compares to the heartbreaking separation they must face when Cassie Allan claims to be Gideon’s first wife, and wants him back. How can Lonnie and Gideon simply fall out of love with each other and move on with their lives? You’ll soon find out.

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