Wednesday, February 5, 2014

a memoir about finding your way.

When her only child leaves for college, author Lynn Darling considers this the perfect time to contemplate her past roles as a mother, widow, etc. and figure out her next step. In her memoir Out of the Woods, Darling shares her story as she begins this new life. First, she decides to move away from her Manhattan condo full-time into a cottage she had bought some years ago in a very remote part of Vermont. Her goal is to come to terms with growing older and finding new purpose that fits her current empty nest situation.

When she decided to live off the grid, she had craved solitude. Darling soon realized that it was much lonelier than she expected. To solve this she decided to get a puppy, which had its own set of difficulties. Darling also shares her struggles with making friends with her new neighbors, confidently walking in the woods, fighting cancer, gaining her sense of direction, and making peace with her choices. Something in this memoir is sure to reach out and grab you middle aged bunch.

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