Wednesday, January 22, 2014

my new profession?

I ordered a custom stamp of mine and Manfriend’s names and the new address of our home for our wedding invitations RIGHT before receiving Carve, Stamp, Play: Designing and Creating Custom Stamps by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, which would be kind of ironic if I was even remotely artistic enough to trust myself to design a return address stamp worthy of our wedding invites on my first try. Nah, my first stamp should be teacher oriented, I was thinking “What the…?” for when I grade papers.

Anyways, Balzer has created quite the stamp-creating resource, although you need a decent amount of supplies to get started, you’ll have half of them just lying around your house. Like a ruler, box cutter, pencil, etc. She also explains the basics in detail and has each stamp project formatted in step by step order. In my opinion, Carve, Stamp, Play is absolutely a stamp-making book for beginners and experts alike, leaving anyone room to advance their designs and projects.  

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