Friday, October 11, 2013

tell your kids, tell your wife, tell your husband.

Author Danielle Walker of Against the Grain saved her own life through food, and you can too. Basically Walker has created a cookbook that cuts out the ingredients that make her sick in her favorite recipes. So she can have her ice cream, and eat it, too. Yes, ice cream. You have to admire her creativity as she brings recipes like crepes, muffins, and chocolate chip cookies to the plant-based lifestyle. Get it girl.

The only thing I have made personally out of Against the Grain so far is the vanilla frosting. A girl's got her priorities. And let me tell you, Y-U-M! If you have a restrictive diet, are gluten free, want to eat paleo, or just want to start cutting out the occasional dairy/sugar situation, this is absolutely the cookbook for you. I mean, Walker even has a (tasty) recipe for fake ricotta cheese. She's pretty amazing.

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