Monday, October 14, 2013

an enjoyable detective story.

A young woman is brutally raped near her apartment in Tel Aviv….to open the debut crime novel Lineup by Liad Shoham.

Inspector Eli Nachum is assigned the case, and in his eagerness to bring closure for the victim and her family, makes an error in judgment that allows the prime suspect off on a technicality that results in his release from custody. As Nachum struggles to come to terms with his error, he teams up with a newspaper reporter to try and uncover the truth. Meanwhile, our freed suspect, Ziv Nevo has to try to untangle himself from the crime mob that's got their hooks in him. When another rape occurs and Nevo isn’t identified as a suspect, Inspector Nachum realizes that he had the wrong guy all along, and the real search begins.

Shoham has an excellent writing style for someone who originally wrote the story in Hebrew and had it translated to English, so props to his translator as well!

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