Monday, September 30, 2013

i’m still recovering from pet cemetery.

Stephen King came out with quite the sequel with his latest novel Doctor Sleep, which continues on from 1978’s The Shining. It is C-R-E-E-P-Y, and perfect for this spooky time of year.  It is a sequel, but it is still a standalone horror novel, honestly.

The now middle-aged Dan (Danny) Torrance (son of Jack Torrance) has a gift from childhood called, coincidently “the shining” where he can help elderly patients die without fear.  Dan establishes a connection with a young girl from a neighboring town who has powers just as he was given as a child. Quite the battle between good and evil begins when a paranormal tribe tries to harness the young girl’s powers, and Dan finds himself unwillingly to stay out of the fight. Don’t worry King fans, this one is sure to disturb your dreams and give you the appropriate amount of chills. Or terrify you so that you never sleep again. Same difference.

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