Friday, January 25, 2013

well this couldn't have come at a better time...

Jim Cobb is a pretty intense dude. He's all, are you ready for a disaster? Are you ready to hide your life sustaining supplies from everyone when you're prepared for a disaster and they aren't? His book is titled Prepper's Home Defense: Security Strategies to Protect Your Family by Any Means Necessary, and I assure you, he means business. And why shouldn't he? Between the natural disasters and the people sucking really bad disasters, we need all the help we can get.

Prepper's Home Defense is filled with advice on how to properly secure your home. Cobb may come off a bit paranoid, but now is not the time to take chances with the safety of you and your family. Even a little security planning can make a difference. I doubt that many of us have to worry about being killed by a sniper in our homes, but Cobb touches on the extreme situations as well as the more minor. He also touches on the now uncomfortable situation of firearms. He's pretty much telling us to stock up on these weapons and ammunition so that we are prepared to defend ourselves/hunt for food if disaster arises. He does discuss other weapons like knives, pepper spray, and improvised weapons. The book includes everything from safe houses to preparing children for emergencies.

I actually keep pepper spray by my bed, I refuse to be in a situation where I can't defend myself in the event of a break in. It's rough out there for a lady.

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