Monday, January 28, 2013

inspirational with a side of heartache.

Shockingly true tales of love, death and dating...with children in tow. Okay Sandi Amorello, you have my attention.

Sandi bravely opened her memoir, The Irreverent Widow with the death of her husband, Drew. As a girl who is in love and is (im)patiently waiting for the ring, the wedding, the house and the babies, I burst into tears two pages in. I can't imagine losing someone I love so much when I was promised forever. And being expected to keep on functioning, being expected to choose what they will wear for eternity. It hurts my heart to think about Sandi during that time.

Sandi was forever changed after Drew's death. She refused to waste any precious moment of her life. Part two of her memoir is filled with anecdotes of how she began to move on and start over. She is just so real about everything: dating as a widow, dreading the weekends now that she was a single parent, being sexually frustrated while also feeling like an adolescent when starting to become sexually active again. The Irreverent Widow is refreshingly honest and out there. It's comforting to see someone successfully come out of such a tragedy.

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