Wednesday, January 16, 2013

boost your energy.

Most of us struggle keeping up with our busy schedules. The Europeans have siestas in the middle of the day, and we have 60+ hour work weeks. I know that when I start dragging I head to the gym, many of you do the same, or have your own ways of boosting your bods with extra energy. Sondra Kornblatt and Susannah Seton have compiled a small in size book filled with Everyday Energy Boosters with a title to match. 365 Tips and Tricks to Help You Feel Like a Million Bucks. It's worth a look.

Some of these tricks and tips are obvious - for example, putting your feet up. Well duh, ladies. However, a couple hundred of these tips are extremely useful, like eating pumpkin seeds which are filled with magnesium that helps provide energy to all of our cells. Among others like, taking your multivitamin at night, eating spicy food, fitting the things that you love into your long days - and my personal favorite, cuddling. Cuddling can connect you to positive body sensations. I mean, I know something else that gives you positive body sensations, but this isn't Cosmo, so I'll leave it at that.

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