Saturday, December 22, 2012

from chocolat to peaches.

In her latest novel, Peaches for Father Francis, Joanne Harris gives us the true follow-up to Chocolat.

Peaches for Father Francis opens with Vianne receiving a letter from a deceased friend that appears out of the past. Armande (the role portrayed by Judi Dench in Chocolat) reaches out from beyond the grave in the form of a letter that asks Vianne and her family to return to the village of Lansquenet, which they had left eight years earlier. Vianne, accompanied by her children, arrives in Lansquenet where she learns her arch nemesis, Father Francis Reynaud needs her help as the Bishop has replaced him with a Microsoft priest.  Father Francis, who has always seemed to be her enemy, will now make an unlikely ally as they deal with the ugly changes in their beloved village. The narrative alternates through the viewpoints of Father Francis and Vianne, both of whom have the similar goal of bridging the divide in the village communities, however, their always vast differences are apparent.

You're going to need to be familiar with Harris' first two novels to really enjoy this one.

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