Friday, November 9, 2012

a novel that's a bit cutesy.

At the beginning of The Color of Tea, protagonist, Grace Miller is drowning. Not literally, but figuratively drowning in her life.  Her marriage was struggling, she had been moved to China to follow her husband's career, she desperately wanted to become a mother but her chances were slim. Grace was stuck in a life that she seemed to have no control over. Then, she stumbled upon a closed down cafe, and realized what she had been missing: purpose and desire.  That was when Grace decided to make, serve, and sell the finest Parisian inspired macaroons that Macau has ever seen.

Once Lillian's was open it was like reading a whole different book. Grace turned into this loving and spontaneous woman as she met many new faces and shared her passion with the locals in a culture she was extremely unfamiliar with. Author Hannah Tunnicliffe took her debut novel from rather depressing to truly inspiring.

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