Monday, October 15, 2012

well this will make you stop and think.

Before I begin this review, I need to state that I am not a Democrat or a Republican, I am not voting for Obama or Romney. I caught up on my DVR when the debates were on, and I plan on moving to Canada as soon as possible. That being said, I do believe that everyone should know all of their options before casting their vote in November. While you're at it, you should pick up Edward Klein's The Amateur. Klein conducted nearly 200 interviews with the people closest to Obama to fill these pages, giving us insight into what happens behind White House doors. Close to 1,000 pages of insight into the man who is running this country (in some of your opinions) into the ground.

Some of the information is a bit startling, honestly. And based on Klein's credentials, I'm not looking to second guess him. The Amateur is bound to give those of you who voted Obama in 2008 some buyers remorse.

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