Saturday, October 20, 2012

designs worth forgiving.

Driving over bridges has always made me a little nervous. I spend a little bit too much time considering the fact that they could collapse at any moment and send me falling into a large body of water. I also consider the fact that getting into a car accident while crossing over a bridge wouldn't end well. I should probably stop thinking so much and focus on my driving. I do love crossing the RFK bridge that goes into Queens. Probably because manfriend is always on the other side. It shows an amazing view of the city skyline. I should probably pay less attention to that, too.

Henry Petroski is well versed in structure, design, and technology of bridge and building making,  In his latest book, To Forgive Design, he goes into detail about the many failures in a successful career of engineering. For example, the Tocamo Narrows Bridge totally collapsing in 1940, but before that, on particularly windy days, cars actually rose up due to the high winds. Hello, scary. Regardless, Petroski developed a super interesting narrative in To Forgive Design.

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