Wednesday, September 12, 2012

meals that heal.


(I received this book for free to read and review.)

Hey! Those of you who were not born with stomach's of steal like yours truly, do I have the recipe book for you! Julie Daniluk's Meals That Heal Inflammation is (duh) a book that gives you recipes for meals that won't upset those tender intestines of yours. Kind of gross, but it's reality.

More than 110 million people in North America have digestive problems. Reality. Manfriend is super into digestive enzymes, which I'm thinking Daniluk would approve of. I take them every so often when I overeat a pile of junk and they make me feel sooo much better. Digestive enzymes can't fix all of your crazy belly's, so you need to seriously take into account what you're putting into them.

In Meals That Heal Daniluk spells everything out for you in green light (healing), yellow light(caution), red light(hurting) charts for fruits, vegetables, grains, fish, meat, diary and seasonings. Very easy to read, a kindergartner could figure it out. Then there are 120 recipes for you to choose from.

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