Thursday, August 16, 2012

more enjoyable than you think, so don't think.

First of all....I GOT A TEACHING JOB!!!!!!!

In other news...

Winter, Chicago, 1999. We meet boy, we meet girl. Boy meets girl, and both are a bit depressed. That is the basic idea of Joe Meno's Office Girl, which is one of the more enjoyable short novels I have read in a while.

Odile is a 20-something art school dropout working in a series of boring office jobs. She falls for the most inappropriate men, putting herself in the most inappropriate positions, until she meets Jack who is coincidentally at the end of his failed marriage. They are not your ideal protagonists in the sense that they don't have very many good qualities to share. It's basically the story of two screw ups who find each other and hope to grow up and change their previous ways. Hm, that's embarrassingly relatable.

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