Monday, August 27, 2012

a warm and witty novel.

You cannot pick your siblings. Your friends, yes. Your nose, yes. Your siblings just kind of show up and you hope for the best. I got relatively lucky with my brothers. They are completely insane, but the likable kind. I wouldn't be who I am if it wasn't for them that's for damn sure.

The Language of Sisters is about a girl who left her home, her past and her disabled-since-birth sister in Seattle, behind her. Like we all haven't thought of constructing an escape route from our siblings, but Amy Hatvany writes of living with a family member who has special needs in such a way that I feel as if it happened to me, too. I felt for these characters.

Ten years have passed since Nicole Hunter thought that escaping the demands of her life and her sister, Jenny would bring a sense of carefree happiness to her stressful life. She thought that running away, freeing herself from the baggage of her family would allow everything else to fall into place. Now she's in San Fransisco and life isn't exactly perfect. When Nicole is forced to head back to her hometown she has to come to terms with her guilt for leaving in the first place, and find the strength to build something new. 

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