Friday, July 27, 2012

here you go film buffs.

Throughout the history of film, both art and technology have been employed together to create incredible works of art that we pay a good chunk of change to see on the big screen. Creating film is a collaborative effort, it includes many artists and technicians who's work is rarely available for us to explore as we please. And then Mark Salisbury created Prometheus: The Art of the Film, and now these works are at our fingertips.

I dabbled in broadcasting during my undergrad, trying to figure out what I wanted to be. I created my own commercials for a class, went through the editing process of filming, music and voice overs. It was an incredible experience, nothing like a film, but exciting to show my artistic vision through technology.

I never saw Prometheus, I also have terrible taste in movies. I do know that Salisbury's background of this film is absolutely something that everyone should see. He takes us behind the scenes to the costume design, how the characters, vehicles and quarters were created. Basically the entire design of the film. If you've seen the movie, you know that the scenes are wild with special effects. The development is all there in the pages.

Salisbury leaves no stone unturned when walking us through every aspect by SHOWING drawings and photos rather than requiring a lot of reading.

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