Sunday, July 22, 2012

do scientists eat hot fries?

Author of The Science of Skinny, Dee McCaffrey got super personal, super quickly in her new book based on NOT dieting. McCaffrey's 4'10" frame used to carry around 210 pounds until she decided to use her brain to make slim down her body. She studied chemistry in college and learned what we all have heard for years, processed foods are KILLING us. Twenty years later, she is a hundred pounds lighter and about a gazillion times happier.

The Science of Skinny is basically 400 pages of knowledge on how to improve your life. McCaffrey is a scientist, so we are talking skinny from a scientific point of view here people. She includes decades of research and studies on what foods lead to us developing diseases and illnesses. Scary.

Also included are descriptions of all of the major skinny superfoods, a two-week cleanse to get you started, and recipes designed for a lifetime of skinny AND healthy. You know, foods that WON'T kill you. McCaffrey even takes the time to defend potatoes, amen sista friend. All in all, the book made me stop and think about my own eating habits. I didn't see hot fries on her list of skinny superfoods, and I am thinking it wasn't a type-o. Drat.

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