Thursday, July 19, 2012

do i look fat in this?

Alright, apparently there is some sort of fat phobia going around in society today that I have not even begun to notice. I've seen it on daytime television recently, people talking about how heavy people make less money than slim people. They are viewed as lazy and inadequate, as not in control. Frack. Some days I have absolutely zero control, maybe it doesn't show on my waistline, but the crazy is still there. THE CRAZY IS STILL THERE. And I have met way more crazy skinny people than crazy fat people in life, let me tell ya. I'm annoyed.

Reading through Lesley Kinzel's Two Whole Cakes made me just plain sad. I know that was not the point, but I can't help it. This was a hard review to write because you all know that I put myself in every review. I am not a skinny girl, but I'm not fat, and the last thing I want to do is sound condescending or act like I understand what it's like to shop in the plus size section. I don't. But I do know what it is like to not love my body. That happens. And I truly felt for Lesley while reading her stories of diet failures, shopping, and being mocked. She touches on the many "fat politics" going on in our society, believing that Michelle Obama's Let's Move campaign is targeting fat children specifically. Well, yeah. there would be no campaign if all the children of the world were thin. Lesley also shares her opinion on The Biggest Loser, shedding light on these coaches who are technically verbally abusing the contestants, but because they are fat, they "need" to be yelled at, so it's okay. It's really not okay.

Our society perceives fat people as weak. Apparently society has never been introduced to Lesley Kinzel. She'll empower you people, no matter what your size.

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