Sunday, July 1, 2012

the 17 day diet.

In our society, there are always new diets popping up all around us. I typically try to review books on the ones that are the most realistic. Dr. Mike Moreno's The 17 Day Diet for instance is the least complicated one I've seen in a long while. Especially after he came out with The 17 Diet Cookbook filled with easy recipes that will help you get through your cycles easier.

Let me explain the cycles for those of you who don't know. The 17 Day Diet is a 4-cycle program designed to take weight off rapidly. The first cycle is a jump start, every diet has one. It's the strictest, and doesn't allow anything fun, unless you think eggs are fun, which I do. The second cycle is more chilled out, and you can incorporate carbs, starchy veggies again and wine here and there. By time the third cycle comes around, you should have developed some kick ass eating habits. It will be more difficult to stray because you can indulge a little more and you'll still drop the pounds. The first three cycles are 17 days each (thus The 17 Day Diet). The fourth cycle is an ongoing cycle, you follow your good eating plans during the week, go easy on yourself on the weekends and holidays. Do this, and Dr. Mike says you'll be thin the rest of your life. I mean, his face looks like it belongs on a soap opera, so I believe him.

The 17 Diet Cookbook gives you recipes for every day during every aspect of the three cycles. These recipes include a lot of fish, chicken, green tea, eggs, and approved fruits and veggies. I can see it really helping those of you who are extremely structured and need to have a very specific plan when wanting to lose weight.

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