Saturday, June 30, 2012

the perfect summer project book.

I am not an extremely musical person. My baby brother and I like to jam out in the car and think that we sound like Boyz II Men. I'm not sure that's an entirely realistic assessment of our vocal skills, but I'm glad that neither of us are aware of it. I thought it would be nice to change things up and review a book about an instrument. The ukulele was the first one that came to mind, naturally.

Bill Plant is here to help you with your Ukulele needs with his book, Make Your Own Ukulele: The Essential Guide to Building, Tuning and Learning to Play the Uke. Bill is a woodworker from Australia who enjoys teaching the trade privately, and as part of college coursework. Of course I wasted my time in a pottery class as my elective in college. I'd like a time machine and an Austrialian accent, please. Bill's Make Your Own Ukulele focuses more on the building aspect than the playing. It includes very detailed and easy to follow directions on how to build two different types of uke. I mean, building it is the hardest part, you can probably YouTube the rest anways. It is the perfect project book for the retired man in your life who wanders around aimlessly, bored, with nothing to do but be up in your business.

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